Friday, January 20, 2023

Various Benefits of Betel Leaves for Health

Various Health Benefits For Betel Leaves - Betel leaf is one of the herbs are very beneficial for health. Betel leaves contain an antiseptic substance in all parts of its leaves.

Leaves are widely used to treat nosebleeds, red eye, discharge, making a loud noise, and many more, including erectile dysfunction.

Efficacy of betel leaf is widely known and has been clinically proven by many health experts. Until now, research on this plant is still being developed because there are many other properties that may be beneficial. Betel leaves useful for treating various diseases.

Efficacy of Betel Leaves

Here's a recipe from Medicinal Plant Garden Karyasari about how to use betel leaves to health.

1. Cough
Prepare 15 pieces of betel leaf and three glasses of water. Rinse the leaves and boil until the remaining into three quarters. Drink with honey.

2. Bronchitis
Boil seven betel leaves that have been washed clean with a piece of rock sugar in two cups water. Wait until the remaining into a glass. Drink three times a day each third glass.

3. Eliminate body odor
Take five betel leaves and boiled with two glasses of water. Wait until the remaining into a glass. Drinking during the day.

4. Burn
Take a taste of betel leaves and wash clean. Squeeze the water and add a little honey. Put into place burns.

5. Nosebleed
Prepare one betel leaves are somewhat younger, then crushed and roll. Use to plug a bloody nose.

6. Ulcer
Take a taste of betel leaves and wash clean. After that milled into powder and applied to boils and surroundings. Balut and replace two meals a day.

7. Itchy eyes and Red
Provide 5-6 young and fresh betel leaves boiled with a glass of water to boiling. Wait until cool and use to wash the eye with a glass eye wash three times a day until healed.

8. Ulceration and Rashes
Boil 20 betel leaves to boiling. Use the cooking water is still warm to wash sore and itchy.

9. Stopping Bleeding gums
Boil four betel leaves in two cups of water. Use water to rinse.

10. Thrush
Take 1-2 betel leaves and wash clean. Chew until creamed and dispose of the waste after completion.

11. Eliminating Bad Breath
Prepare 2-4 betel leaves, wash and squeeze. Brewed with hot water and use to rinse.

12. Pimple
Take 7-10 betel leaves, washed and finely crushed. Pour two cups of hot water. Use this water to wash your face. Do it 2-3 times a day.

13. Whitish
Boil 10 betel leaves were washed in 2.5 liters of water. Use the cooking water is still warm to wash the vagina.

14. Reduce Excess milk
Take some betel leaves, wash and spread with coconut oil. Then warmed over a fire until wilted. Paste swollen breasts around while still warm.